4 College Street

Client: Universal Stone

Location: Ipswich

Date: 30/11/2021

4 College Street was built in the 16th Century. It was home to three generations of the prominent Benet Aldred family, who made money running ships between Ipswich and Newcastle.

Empty since 1981, and damaged in a fire in 1992, it was bought by Ipswich Borough Council in 2016, as it was obvious the building was at serious risk. Universal Stone’s restoration includes making the building watertight and secure.

These works include much-needed repair and restoration, as well as making the building watertight and secure. They will also add modern amenities to make it suitable as an office space.

This project is part of Ipswich waterfront’s ongoing regeneration, which is bringing life into the area while preserving the heritage architecture that makes the town special.


The building stands right on a busy road, so the client erected hoarding to protect workers and the site. This has necessitated traffic management – provided by sister company tbf Traffic – narrowing the road to one lane.