Scaffolding Safety Spotlight: 2020

Scaffolding team

tbf Scaffolding kicked off the year with a spotlight on safety – reaffirming the core principles of the scaffolding firm, introducing new technology and adding to key players’ qualifications.

Darren Clark, tbf operations director, gave a start-of-year presentation to the entire scaffolding team. He recapped the achievements of 2019 and shared expansion plans for 2020 [watch this space!] – but the focus of the talk was on safety.

tbf’s reputation as a meticulously safe scaffolding firm is valuable to the company and its clients alike. It means management and employees must be up to date on the latest compliance and awareness changes.

Safety matters

The presentation covered the importance of :

  • Site responsibilities, including:
    • Safety checks
    • Handover certificates
    • Incident reporting
  • Working at height – special considerations and awareness of surroundings
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) inspections
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Road safety
  • Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) cards

Darren also explained some of the new safety kit that tbf will roll out in 2020:

  • Vibration monitors for impact wrenches have been trialled within tbf and will be rolled out to all impact wrench users in 2020. These gadgets reduce the risk of conditions like carpal tunnel
  • NoisePens will go out with the vibration monitors – these devices measure personal sound exposure, protecting workers’ hearing  

This focus on safety will continue throughout 2020 as tbf Scaffolding grows.

Investigation qualification    

tbf’s Laura Goulden (safety and compliance officer) and Karen Wilson (general manager)

The course teaches people to investigate incidents and near misses properly, whether on site or within an office. Qualified staff can lead investigations of minor incidents and contribute to team investigations of larger incidents.  

Skills learned on the NEBOSH course include gathering evidence, witness interviews, and making an action plan to avoid similar events.

These analysis skills will enable the tbf team to further reduce the risk of serious incidents.