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Welcome to tbf Scaffolding. We are the leading scaffolding service providers in Cottenham, and we’re here to provide you with sturdy, affordable and highly reliable scaffolding services on time and within budget.

Over the years, our team has helped everyone from home owners trying to renovate their properties to major construction companies trying to expand their commercial establishments. So if you’re interested in our services – here’s what tbf Scaffolding can do for you.

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Commercial Scaffolding Cottenham

Commercial Scaffolding Cottenham

As one of the leading commercial scaffolding service providers in Cottenham, tbf Scaffolding has served numerous business organisations for over 30 years. Our highly trained professionals have assisted companies, like: Taylor Wimpey, Breheny, Persimmon, French SEH Construction and many more.

All of our projects are conducted according to your budget, schedule and construction goals. We will survey every part of your property and use our findings to create customised scaffolding plans that match your needs. If you like what we have to offer then we will start our work immediately.

However, our job doesn’t end there. After we have set up your scaffolds, we will regularly inspect them to make sure that they are structurally sound, and that they won’t endanger your team or your property.

After we have completed our work, we will then carefully and systematically dismantle the scaffolds. We will remove every scaffolding piece and component without putting your property and personnel at risk. We will then dispose of all the components personally. So if you’re a business owner with plans to build or expand your business establishment, just give us a call and we will provide you the services you need.

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Domestic Scaffolding Cottenham

Domestic Scaffolding Cottenham

As one of the leading scaffolding service providers in Cottenham, tbf Scaffolding offers fast, safe and affordable scaffolding solutions for all kinds of domestic projects. Whether you’re trying to build a new home, renovate a room or carry out a major repair, we will make sure that you have the scaffolding to get the job done.

Our scaffolds can be used for guttering, roof repairs, painting/repainting projects, repairing/replacing damaged chimneys, and repairing/replacing old fascias and barge boards. The best part is that each of our domestic scaffolding projects are planned and customised according to each client’s needs.

We work hard to ensure our scaffolds will not harm your property or anyone on it. Our team understands the importance of safety in any construction project, which is why we will do everything in our power to set up your scaffolding as safely and securely as possible.

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Cottenham Scaffolding Company

To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients, tbf Scaffolding maintains a series of safety policies designed to ensure the security and efficiency of our team. These policies cover every aspect of our work from planning to erection to clean up and disposal.

Our commitment to our clients’ wellbeing is demonstrated by our excellent safety record as well as our ability to provide quality scaffolding for clients all over Cottenham. We maintain secure work environments and our personnel are trained to handle all kinds of contingencies. These policies are among the biggest reasons why tbf Scaffolding remains one of the best scaffolding companies in the country year after year.

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We are proud of our reputation as one of the best scaffolding companies in Cottenham, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote. All you need to do is give us a call on 01473 487150, and our friendly customer support team will provide you with a free estimate for our services.  

When you hire us, you will get the following benefits:

  • A team of professional scaffolders.
  • A company with an immaculate scaffolding safety record.
  • A well-established scaffolding company that you can trust.
  • A company that has over 30 years of experience in the scaffolding industry.

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