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Are you looking for a dependable scaffolding company in Luton? If so, we have the perfect scaffolding solution for you.

For over 30 years, we have provided Luton with a reliable scaffolding service and built an amazing reputation as the number one scaffolding company in Luton.

We offer the full range of scaffolding services and have the manpower to handle jobs of any size. From small domestic jobs like providing scaffolding for roof repairs on a terraced house. To large commercial scaffolding services like multi-story construction projects.

Whatever scaffolding services you require, we are here to help.

Domestic Scaffolding Luton

domestic scaffolding luton

We offer affordable domestic scaffolding services to help small businesses and homeowners complete a variety of tasks. These include:

  • Rendering and replacing gutters
  • Replacing fascias and barge boards
  • Roof repairs
  • Exterior maintenance (like painting the outside of your home)
  • And more

We specifically design our scaffolding plans around your home to ensure all of the tasks listed above are easier and above all – safer!

Our scaffolding designers have the experience needed to create scaffolding plans that ensure the safety of all people using or in the vicinity of the scaffolding.

Plus, our scaffolders are extra careful to ensure minimal damage to your property.

At tbf Scaffolding, we place safety at the heart of everything we do. Which is why we can 100% guarantee that all scaffolders appointed to your project will be fully qualified and follow all safety procedures.

Simply tell us a brief description of the property you need scaffolding for and what you need the scaffolding to help you achieve and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote, fast!

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Commercial Scaffolding Luton

commercial scaffolding luton

During the past 30+ years, we have worked closely with hundreds of commercial clients, including: Breheny, French SEH Construction, Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey and more.

To begin, we perform a complete site survey to gain accurate measurements of your site.

From there, our designers combine your specifications and measurements with our experience to produce safe and efficient scaffolding plans.

When all is agreed, our scaffolders will erect your scaffolding on time and on budget.

To ensure the safety of your scaffolding throughout the entire project, we will return periodically to perform routine inspections.

And when your project no longer requires scaffolding, our scaffolders will carefully dismantle it. Ensuring there is minimal damage to your site.

We work hard to ensure all deadlines are met and offer a trustworthy commercial scaffolding service Luton can rely on.

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Luton Scaffolding Company

Luton Scaffolding Company

From our initial scaffolding plans, all the way through to the removal of your scaffolding – we place safety as absolute priority. We put in the extra work to ensure we are the safest scaffolders in Luton – which is well demonstrated in our immaculate safety records.

There are 3 main areas of safety we focus on here at tbf scaffolding:

  1. Safety of all workers operating the scaffolding
    We achieve this by training our scaffolders to the highest standards and ensuring all scaffolding is erected firmly and thoroughly.
  2. Safety of all people in the vicinity
    We achieve this by ensuring our scaffolding planners are extra thorough and take all possible scenarios into account
  3. Safety of the building
    We achieve this by ensuring the building and grounds are adequately protected from damage.

We guarantee our scaffolders stay on top of their game by frequently retraining and educating them. We are very proud of our workforce and have created a team that are levels above the rest.

Scaffolding Rental Luton

So if you need a safe, reliable and affordable scaffolding company in Luton to help you with a domestic or commercial project, look no further than tbf Scaffolding.

All you need to do is place your details into the form below and we will get back to you with a completely free, no obligation quote.

Plus remember, when you use tbf Scaffolding, you’re getting:

  • A fully qualified team of scaffolders
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Perfect safety records
  • And a company with a cast iron reputation

Get a 100% free quote on your scaffolding project today.

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