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Some projects can be successful using any competent scaffolding company. Others, such as bespoke scaffolding need a specialised team. And that’s where tbf Scaffolding comes in.

We’ve been helping companies across the UK with our bespoke services for over 30 years and have created a cast-iron reputation as the company who gets the job done right first time.

Our wealth of experience allows you to simply tell us what needs doing, and then sit back and let us handle the rest. This is one of the main reasons why the majority of companies who use our services become lifetime customers.

Recommended By Hundreds Of Companies

Having worked with hundreds of companies over the years, we’ve heard how hard it can be to find a scaffolding firm that doesn’t either turn bespoke projects down, or make a right pig’s ear of them – which is why we decided to specialise in providing bespoke scaffolding services.

This has given our team much experience erecting scaffolding on almost everything imaginable. Some of our most notable bespoke scaffolding projects include:

  • Castles
  • Bridges
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Ramps
  • Listed buildings
  • Access platforms
  • And more

We’ve even had our scaffolding featured on Top Gear, where we were asked to construct a ramp that would allow them to drive cars off at up to 70 mph!

Countless companies across the UK rely on our bespoke scaffolding services when they can’t afford mistakes or setbacks on their projects. We get the job done, and we get it done right.

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